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Posted by Parker Schmidt on Thu, Jun 14, 2012 @ 09:11 PM

Ultima Medical Services Inc. offers a Health & Fitness Appraisal (HFA) which allows both employers and employees an opportunity to improve their overall health and productivity. Conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other ailments can affect your Employees' quality of life and work performance. As a result, this can take a toll on your corporate health, productivity and bottom line.


Periodic Health Screening enables the early detection of potential or developing medical problems, at a point where an intervention will be of benefit to both the Employee and the Employer. The Health & Fitness Appraisal (HFA) has been designed to be pre-emptive in addressing potential health issues before they become concerns. By unifying these two disciplines of medical care and wellness consultation, we aim to forge a new frontier for our client's wellbeing; that will leave participants healthy, fit, and energized - and with a whole new approach to a healthy lifestyle.



Health & Fitness Screening: A team of both Physicians and Kinesiologists will provide a comprehensive Health Screen to each participant in order to determine their current degree of health and fitness. The seven step assessment uses proven diagnostic technology, to focus on detecting early signs of illness and disease. The HFA is intended as a prevention program, to aid the participant in understanding possible susceptibilities as a result of their current level of health and fitness. A typical exam takes less than 15 minutes and the program is designed so that between 6-10 individuals can take part in the program on a hourly basis.


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