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Focus of the Week: External Disability Award Medical Exams

Posted by Caroline Haslam on Mon, Jun 01, 2015 @ 12:11 PM
Focus of the Week: Disability Award Medical Exams

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This week I would like to focus on one of the many exams that we perform at Ultima Medical.

At our Ultima YVR International Airport clinic we perform External Disability Award Medical Exams that are referred to us by WorkSafe BC. Many of our workers will fly in and out from across B.C., or will drive in for this medical exam to occur.

These referrals are called "External" as it is not performed with a WorkSafe BC Office, but this service has been contracted out by a WorkSafe BC approved clinic to perform this exam. This service must be done by a WorkSafe BC approved Doctor in order to be able to perform this exam.

If you are injured at your workplace and have an permanent injury or workplace disease that is not likely to get significantly better or worse, then your Case Manager may determine if a referral will go to this Disabilty Award department. This department may then send the referral to our clinic location which is determined by postal code.

The purpose of this exam is to determine the level of permanent impairment as a result of a workplace injury. When the medical report gets sents to WorkSafe BC, they will determine the percentage of impairment, and this then equates to what the Disability Award Payment will be. It is a one-time medical exam that lasts approximately one hour and fifteen to thirty minutes in length. 

Some of the equipment used in this exam are:

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If you have an appointment with us, the items to bring to this exam are:

  • Shorts (if it is a lower extremity exam)
  • T-Shirt (if it is an upper extremity exam)
  • Both T-Shirt and Shorts (for back/spinal related exams or multiple injury sites)
  • Name of your Family Doctor so that this report can be forwarded onto them by WorkSafe BC.
  • A list of any medications that you are taking 
  • Bring any braces, splints, canes or supports so that our Doctor can assess with you and without these devices.
  • Also please bring the completed forms that will be sent to you before your exam occurs regarding any activities that you have had to stop or modify as a result of your Workplace Injury.
  • This is NOT a physical abilities testing as there will be no jogging, or exercise or forms of treatment.
  • The purpose is to determine the level of permanent impairment as a result of this injury.
  • Factors considered are range of motion, activities of daily living, inspection, tone/strength/sensation, physical examination, observation and palpation.
If you should have any further questions regarding your Disability Award Medical Exam with Ultima Medical, please feel free to contact us at: 604-207-8700.

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