Please read prior to getting your test:

In getting this nose swab for COVID-19 you understand that:
  • This test is for screening purposes for travel or work.
  • You must have no symptoms of COVID-19 ( fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, new loss of taste or smell, vomiting or diarrhea, and/or sore throat.)
  • This test is processed at the only Health Canada accredited lab in BC.
  • Typically, we see PCR test results returned to us within 24 hours, however we cannot guarantee results within this time frame. If the lab is overwhelmed with demand, your report could be delayed.
  • Antigen test results will be ready within 20 minutes
  • Please be sure we have your correct email, telephone number and your name and date of birth are the same as your travel documents.
  • The results:
    This test is not 100% accurate.
    If you have a negative result, you will be contacted by email as soon as we have the result from the lab with a certificate. There is a small chance this is a false negative. This means you could have COVID-19 but the result of the test is negative.
    If you have a positive result, a doctor will call you to discuss what happens next.
    False positives are extremely rare and unlikely.
    There is a small risk you will have an indeterminate result. This means the test was not clearly positive or negative and you will need to repeat the test. In which case we will contact you by phone.
  • You will not hold Ultima medical clinic or its employees liable for any consequences of having tested positive or negative, false positive or negative or indeterminate or any delays in getting your results. Eg missed work or flights. This does not mean you cannot complain about the standard of medical care to the Medical or Nursing licensing bodies of BC.
  • We only use your personal information for the purposes of processing the test, contact tracing if necessary and delivering the results. Your information is handled according to the personal information privacy act, under Canadian jurisdiction.

Thank you for your patience and taking the time to read this important information.
We wish you safe travels.