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Ultima Medical Website Gets Major Upgrade

There are brand new splash pages for Ultima’s subsidiaries too!

New websites are a motivator.

They inspire employees and give businesses a lift and that’s what we’re hoping for here with the new Ultima Medical Services website.

The project build-out also included new websites for Ultima’s subsidiaries – Ultima Independent Assessments and the YVR Medical Clinic – which get digital homes for the first time.

TMVC CEO Ray Christopherson, who bought Ultima Medical earlier this year, says the new digital footprint will target the online occupational health services marketplace:

“Our clients are online, they are relatively easy to reach, and we now have the tools to do it. A strong web presence featuring user-friendly websites and strategic social media will help us identify and target new clients. We’re expecting a lot of growth so this is an exciting time. ”

So what can clients expect when they get to the Ultima Medical website ?


In fact all of the new websites are designed and optimized to get web visitors to the content they want as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Ultima Medical website is a business platform not a news or resource-based website although we do have an informative new blog.

It is a service-driven business portal for clients seeking thorough, impartial, independent occupational medical assessments and exams.

As a result, one of the main design goals was to clearly establish what Ultima does and to assert its professional credentials. 

UMS Medical Director Dr. Nigel Adams: 

“Ultima’s doctors are highly experienced occupational health specialists. We’ve been providing workplace medicals and assessments for 30 years. We understand employees, employers and regulatory environments. It’s important that our clients know that.”

So how do you communicate this idea through the Ultima Medical website? 

It’s easier said than done according to content designer, Ian Robert Jones, tasked with completing the build:

“The occupational assessments and exams world is complex and nuanced, full of qualified statements and technicalities, hardly anything is black and white. And yet we needed to make it more obvious and more accessible. ” 

To do that Jones developed a set of signature slogans and taglines that underline the occupational health and safety theme:

“Making Your Workplace A Safeplace,” “We Set The Standard,” “Setting The Standard,” and “This Is Safety Sensitive Work.” 

He then drenched the website in high resolution images of workplaces and workers employed in safety sensitive work.

He also added “accordion menus” to the SERVICES page which feature an easy-to-read Q & A format that helps web visitors get through essential content.

Ultima Medical Services and TMVC

One other key challenge was to reflect the connection between Ultima Medical Services and its new parent company TMVC.

UMS has been around for 30 years and is a well-known brand with many high-profile clients so it was important to ensure that it retain its independent identity.

At the same time, being part of the TMVC Medical Group is a significant opportunity for UMS and its subsidiaries to expand their reach and tap into new markets.  

So Jones built this connection directly into the site architecture:

“Links to TMVC, UMS, UIA and YVR are visible and accessible across all three websites. There’s also a creative tip-of-the-hat to TMVC in everything from the colour palettes to page design. If you look closely TMVC’s DNA is everywhere.” 

Teamwork that sets Ultima Medical apart

The new Ultima Medical Services website is ultimately a collaboration.

The design team would like to thank TMVC CEO, Ray Christopherson, TMVC Medical Director, Dr. Gio Miletto, and UMS Medical Director, Dr. Nigel Adams, for all their help.

Special thanks also to UMS Director of Operations, Pat Cuffe, YVR Medical Clinic Medical Director, Dr. Videsh Kapoor and UIA Clinical Coordinator, Jo-Anne Woods.

And finally Ian Robert Jones would like thank design partner Ben Johnstone at Moa Media. “No Ben, no website. Simple as that. Cheers Ben.”

The TMVC Medical Group is comprised of TMVC, Ultima Medical, Ultima Independent Assessments and the YVR Medical Clinic.

You can now access their collective services at 20 convenient locations throughout the province.