Independent Medical Exams

Ultima Medical offers independent medical exams (IMEs) through our partner company, Ultima Independent Assessments, located in downtown Vancouver.

IME’s are typically used by lawyers in courtroom litigations or by employers and insurance companies trying to establish the conditions under which an employee can return to work.

These exams and case reviews are often initiated as a result of car accidents, work-related injuries or conditions or other unintended life events.

The crucial part of an IME is that it is performed by unbiased independent medical practitioners whose job is to establish an accurate non-partisan account of an individual’s medical situation.

For a complete list of all the independent medical exams and services we offer please go to the UIA website.

In court disputes, the goal of the IME is to establish if the reported injuries/conditions are in fact legitimate, and if they are, the extent of the resulting physical, emotional or mental damage

The physician will also determine if there are other reasons, causes or circumstances that could explain the injury or condition

In the workplace, IME’s are primarily used as a tool to help employers, employees and insurance companies to evaluate, plan and execute a employees recovery/return to work

Independent medical exams also help stakeholders make decisions including, but not limited to retraining, workman’s compensation and other compensatory benefits.

A specialist doctor establishes the nature of any physical limitation, how that limitation affects an individual’s day-to-day life and then provides a prognosis for recovery ie: Is the limitation temporary, long-term or permanent?

This exam could include an assessment of any part of a client’s physical health

In both court-related and employer/insurance processes, a doctor provides a detailed report following the examination

In a court-related procedure: An individual who has initiated a personal injury claim against ICBC following a car accident, or a patient suing a doctor for medical malpractice

In a workplace-related procedure: A firefighter who has osteoarthritis and is no longer able to climb up and down ladders

Go to the UIA website they will be happy to help you!