Executive Health Plans

An executive health services is a personalized plan that provides health solution for employers looking to protect their most valuable asset: executive staff.

Our three escalating levels of bespoke executive health service begin with a rigorous hour-long consultation with one of our specialist doctors.

The collected data and analysis forms a benchmark that allows us to measure changes to an executive’s long-term health.

In short, our prevention-first executive health service plans are like a customized layer of confidence working behind the scenes. to ensure that the health needs of busy executives are covered.

We offer three levels of escalating executive health services: PREMIUM, ELITE and NEXT LEVEL

Each exam is a personalized executive health services for executives with different needs

Here’s what you get with each of the plans: 


  • Personal medical questionnaire
  • In-depth review of personal & family history
  • Comprehensive physical examination
  • Physical screens & lab work investigations including:
    • Audiogram
    • Vision
    • ECG
    • Spirometry
  • Blood & urine testing including:
    • CBC, Lipids, Glucose, Thyroid
    • Assistance with expedited specialist referrals
    • PSA testing for men (dependent on age)


  • All elements in the PREMIUM executive plan
  • PLUS a heart & lung scan

(With the ELITE plan you get your results immediately)


  • All elements in the PREMIUM & ELITE plans
  • PLUS an abdominal ultrasound  (With the NEXT LEVEL plan you get your results immediately)
  • AND state of the art diagnostic technology
    • Medical Imaging – also known as CT scans – detect critical illnesses at their most curable, and in many cases, least costly stage to treat
    • MI is a crucial component in the early detection and prevention of serious illnesses and diseases, but it is often difficult to access this technology
  • AND FINALLY a comprehensive report

This evaluation with one of our specialist occupational health physicians helps determine future prevention, treatments and follow-ups if required

Absolutely. We can provide a personalized executive health service plan that works just for you

Our focus is on identifying important unmet health needs and health prevention, tailoring those to your specific circumstances and concerns

Please enquire so that we can discuss your needs and create a program to match

Typically executives feel less stressed and more confident knowing that specialist doctors are in the background monitoring their health

Happy healthier executives result in greater productivity and lower absenteeism rates which saves companies and organizations time and money

There’s also anecdotal evidence that executive health services & plans are an attractive incentive when trying to attract top-line hires